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We offer several options in two major areas - Radio Production Training (creating your own online radio show) and the actual Audio CD Production. Please let us know or call us to discuss the right option and current pricing for you and/or your organization. (Phone: 248-298-6411)


Platinum Package

  • One on one coaching for your entire Corporate team.

  • Develop your own online radio show.

  • Learn the technical in and outs of your "studio" switchboard.

  • Learn how to develop an audio CD product for distribution to your customer, client or team.

  • Unlimited e-mail support for 60 days.

(special priviledged pricing offered for large teams, multi-State and International Organizations)

Gold Package

  • This package is designed for private individuals and offers the same one on one training as the platinum package.

Silver Package

  • This is our group training vs one on one training. The same quality information is shared but in a group setting. Regular classes are offered.

(subject to availability and pre-set class days and class times)


Elite Package

  • Our team will help create, produce, edit and package a professional marketing audio CD to impress your marketplace.

Professional Package

  • Our team will help you create, produce and package an original marketing audio CD.

Red, White & Blue Package

  • We will help you create an audio CD for you to produce and package yourself.


Contact Doug Evans, The Online Radio Guy, aka, Mr. Online Radio and his staff to discuss which option is best for you and your organization. (248-298-6411)